Council DA Information


The information on this page has been gathered for your better understanding of the local council Development Applications and Certification.

Soon we will have this page updated with the latest information. All our customers have freely available to them the consultation with our Project Compliance officer.

Pergola Land can not only design and build your outdoor addition, we’ll can organise and submit Council Development Applications and Construction Certificates so you don’t have any stress.

Council Approvals and Certifications:

  • Almost all proposed development requires approval. This can be gained from your local Council or, in some circumstances, from an Accredited Private Certifier.

Accredited Private Certifiers:

  • The State Government’s Building Professionals Board accredits Private Certifiers.
  • They can issue Complying Development, Construction and Occupation certificates and carry out inspections during the building process. Private Certifiers offer an alternative to councils with faster service and fewer unnecessary delays.

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