Strong, stylish custom-built Pergolas

  • You sit beneath your new pergola, cool and shaded, while the sun blazes overhead.
  • When the rain falls, you can sit and listen to the pitter of raindrops on the roof, and keep perfectly dry.
  • Under your pergola is the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee. Play a game. Pat the dog.

A pergola or verandah could transform your backyard, front yard, balcony or even the side of your house into a new entertainment area for you and your family to enjoy all year round. It could add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your home. And reduce the heat that hits the rooms in your house.

Pergolas have always been a great aussie home addition, traditionally the timber pergola would be left open for a grape vine to grow around and over. Today’s metal frames are designed to be stronger and provide longer spans then the equivilent in timber framing.

Many people say after installation “We wish we’d done this years ago”.

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A Pergola Land Design Consultant will help you make the best decision regarding which roofing to use on your pergola frame.

Advantages of the Triplewall Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting:
  • UV protection
  • High thermal insulation
  • Weather resistance
  • Impact protection
  • No Sheet penetration/piercing, ensures no leaks.
  • Tailored on-site fitting
  • Helps reduce heat and retains light
Advantages of the Insulated Roofing:
  • Noise suppression
  • Best for heat protection
  • Professional installation
  • Strong and robust

Colorbond® Steel is a high tensile roof sheeting featuring a great look, large uncomplicated spans and excellent heat protection.

You can make a great outdoor living area by combining the best we have to offer.

Different structural profiles offer different advantages and the same can be said with your choice of roof sheeting.
Common combinations include Polycarbonate gable with solid heat protecting sides, you can increase efficiency and usability.


An opening roof gives you extra control of your outdoor area, allowing you to alter light and shade levels, warmth and ventilation, simply by changing the angle on the louvre blades with the touch of a button.

You can let the sun in to warm up your house, or angle the blades to block the sun and keep cool on a warm day.

Key Features of Opening Roofs:

  • Control ventilation
  • Control light levels
  • Control temperature
  • Sensors automatically closes roof when it rains



Pergola Land has you covered for all of your external flooring, roofing, handrail & privacy screen needs to go with your pergola. Get a all in one quote today.

Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens are good for blocking out the neighbour’s view of your alfresco area so you can relax with your family in comfort.
These privacy screens give you extra protection from prying eyes, and – as an extra bonus – are a beautiful addition to any home.

Advantages of Privacy Screens:

  • Increase your privacy
  • Beautify and add value to your home
  • Available in flat slats or angled louvred
  • Low maintenance

Handrailing, Balustrading, Pool Fencing

We offer a range of handrails to suit your style and requirements, for safety or a simple way to separate an area of your decking, verandah or garden?

Pergola Land can provide you with a Glass, Stainless Steel Wire or Tubular Steel Frame handrail to meet your needs.

Advantages of Handrails and Pool Fencing:

  • Choose from a great range to suit the style of your home
  • wide range of colours
  • Add extra safety for children and elderly family members
  • Low maintenance

About Timber Framing: Timber will still have its place in the building industry for a long time yet but new alternatives have been developed in nearly all aspects. One great advantage metal patio frames have over timber patios  is the maintenance. Metal requires very little maintenance where as a timber patio pergola is recommened to be painted at least every 5 years. Contact us to learn more, Pergola Land provides on-site quotes, working with you to meet your requirements.

6 easy steps to having your new pergola built by Pergola Land

Consultation and Design

One of our experienced Pergola Land design consultants will come to your home, measure the area, assess the site and discuss the look you would like to achieve with a pergola. (Click here to schedule your free onsite consultation now.)

The Agreement

After the consultation, if you are satisfied with our assessment and the pergola design we can install for you, we will submit our proposal to you. The proposal will outline every detail of the job, as we discussed, and then you can decide to proceed.

Council Approval

You may not require it. But depending on the size and type of pergola you require, we may need to get council approval or certification before starting construction. Pergola Land can complete the paperwork and submit your Development Application on your behalf to further make it easier.

Check Measure

Pergola Land’s construction manager will visit your property to check the site and measurements. We will then arrange materials and draw up a time schedule for you.


We will let you know when the materials are delivered, and when the building will start. Construction can take as little as two days to complete. It depends on the size of the structure, and other variables… such as the weather.

Final Inspection

Once your pergola is complete, your dedicated construction team will provide a final inspection ensuring your property is free of any construction waste and all aspects of the structure is finished to the highest standard. Then you are free to enjoy your new pergola.

Free Consultation

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