Pergola Land Verandah ArcoPlus Pergola and Deck Package

Flat and Gable PergolaIT’S NOT JUST A COVER,
we’ll make it a part of your home.

Would you think just any kind of patio roof is going to be perfect for your home? Pergola Land offers on-site consultations to ensure you can provided the best patio or pergola and deck designed, constructed and guaranteed. Contact Us and find out how we can build your perfect outdoor living area.

In Australia, our hot summers make us seek awnings for our windows, patio’s for our BBQ’s and by winter we want light. We’ll explain some basic designs and materials we use.

Blocking heat in summer but keeping light in winter

The industry has been making some progress in improving materials that provide cover, polycarbonates are now being applied to filter out Infra-Red energy.
ArcoPlus®IR is a fantastic roofing Pergola Land now offers as standard, it not only matches the best of the other polycarbonate roof sheets on the market, but does better! It blocks more energy causing heat (Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red) yet lets more of the visible light spectrum through.

Beat the Heat and Keep Your Light

There are two basic kinds of heat and heating that we consider when designing pergolas, there is direct heating from sunlight energy, then there is ambient air temperature.

A good design aims to avoid or naturally counteract increasing ambient temperature either which is mostly by looking at cool air sources, like under decks and warm air escape, having an open ended high side or using roof brackets. Direct heating has been the by-product of keeping light, so generally less light = less heat. Now with arcoPlus®IR, this compromised is reduced.

Blocking or Filtering Sunlight

Insulated Border

Blocking the sunlight immediately cuts out heating, insulated roofing panels like we use for our Alfresco’s are very effective and leave virtually no heat transfer. Pergola Land only uses commercial grade insulation panel ensuring your patio is covered with the best, tested & proven.

Retaining light without the heat can be done with polycarbonates like our arcoPlus®IR. They are designed and manufactured to strip off the invisible suns energy like UV and IR leaving the visible spectrum light to filter through. Polycarbonates such as our arcoPlus®IR are perfectly suited for installation in the gable. The Gable will provide greater sense of space and maximises the amount of light with much reduced heat. You can find out more about our polycarbonate roof sheeting and more by visiting our showroom.

Policarb IR roof sheetingIR-Diagram-BiColour IR-Diagram-Chart

Utilising Airflow

The pergola frame can be designed to maximise air space and flow. They are constructed out of high quality Aluminium to give a superb modern finish to any home and offer strength, longevity and style.

Pergola Land Signature Framing

Roof Profiles:
A flat/sloping roof does provide more economical approach for larger spans but can make the area feel hotter. If fixed against the house without any gaps, hot air becomes trapped, the easiest way to alleviate this is constructing the roof as high as possible. Since the pergola doesn’t have to be all one roof profile, incorporating a gable section will help create an escape for the air.
Gable’s can be very effective for improving air-flow as the hot air will rise and escapes via the gable ends.  This combined with the greater sense of space completely enhances the level of comfort. ArcoPlus®IR is commonly installed on the gable because the heat they would transfer would be naturally offset by the gable advantages while maximising your light.

Roof Brackets:
Attaching the pergola frame above the gutter on the roof provides several distinct advantages, hot air can escape all direction and the roof is higher so if any heat does radiate off the roof sheeting, it has less of an effect. Building pergola roof higher: As just mentioned, a higher roof provides more space for air to move around and radiant heat is less pronounced.


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